Freeze Conditioning and Material Flow Aids

Our 600 series of freeze conditioning agents have been cost effective industry leaders since the development of our first product in 1991. During this period, we have treated well over 60 million tons of coal for rail shipment to electric utilities, steel and industrial companies without a single frozen coal problem attributed to product performance. Our 700 series belt de-icers are chemical ice control agents that act to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow on equipment surfaces. Our 700 series products are non-corrosive, multi-component blend of organic and inorganic ingredients. These products can be sprayed by hand or automated pressure spray systems.

Material Flow Aids

Golden West Industries material flow aids / fluidizers, are designed to keep your fine bulk materials flowing smoothly in all weather conditions. Our Chem-Loc 1010 and 2020 products have been proven to handle the finest materials with extraordinary success. The need for expensive vibratory agitators and or sledge hammer methods can be avoided with the use of our 2000 Series products. Whether your problems are bulk silos, piles, trucks or rail cars, we have a product designed to make your material handling needs flow smoothly.

Freeze Conditioning

Freeze conditioning for coal transport